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by The Party Kills

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released September 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Party Kills England, UK

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Track Name: Astroturf
Who are ya?
Your so-called 'grass-roots movement' looks a lot like astroturf
Before we begin, what do you do for money?
Give over! 'Forest'?
Bulls shit in the woods and it stinks like astroturf
Fallacious prophecies of slippery slopes, sliding on astroturf
And you wanna talk misinformation?
Speak for yourself
'Position antis as extremists' and roll-em up in astroturf
And you've got a nerve to cry persecution
Speak for yourself
Track Name: Too big to jail
Let's make a start
Here, look at this chart
and invest for a better tomorrow
You want peace of mind? Don't get left behind
Your neighbours all do it - just borrow!
Monorail! Monorail!
Boom and bail
Too big to jail
We are the kleptocrats
We are your ruling class
Canary Wharf brown rats
We are the sub prime mover
Robbing Peter to pay Sachs
Pericles, accept your penance
Sign away your independence
Feel the market's invisible hand
On your neck, kiss me quicksand
My appetite whet to restructure your debt
Your hospitals, schools and your highways
Drop the keys to the lot back through the letterbox
and go whistle, you did it my way
Track Name: Alpha Bravo
For anyone who's not had the misfortune,
Idiot's guide to the Manosphere:
Little more than sour grapes and acronyms
Keyboard jabbing thin-veiled rape apologists
'Dominance' and 'sexual strategy'
Reads like a Call of Duty message log
Who knows whence this frustration came
But the Matrix metaphor's something of a giveaway
Alpha Bravo! Oh so macho
Red Pill bros before hos
I just feel sorry/worried for your mother/daughter
Not a man, what a might dull boy with his hands in his pants, yelling Alpha Bravo!
Men Going Their Own Way
Well jog on, justify your 'pay4play'
You might call me a white knight
And chalk this mockery up to virtue signalling
But Men's Rights, as far I see it:
Last ditch lunge for supremacy
Over women's bodies completely
And being a knob to prove you have one
Track Name: Two minute hate
Two minutes hate
Synthetic rage
Prick by prick, we mob and excommunicate
How many lefties does it take to feed a troll?
Hopkins, Clarkson, Coulter, Trump
Rat-traps for your rage
A bright piñata to bash all day
Bill O'Reilley, Godfrey Bloom
Sideshow cabaret
Whack the piñata
Two minutes hate
Track Name: No, you don't have OCD, you're just uptight about stationery
No, you don't have OCD
Just cos you're a bit uptight about office stationery
Just cos you kick off when crumbs fall on the carpet
You don't have OCD
Does a voice in your head say you've run somebody over?
Have you ever washed your hands until the skin peeled off?
Are you convinced that your family's survival
Depends on an inescapable ritual?
No, I didn't think so
Track Name: Blue spooks (Project Petra)
Hi kids. I'm so glad you tuned in.
Today we're routing out the enemy within.
Cool! Blue spooks!
Our lucky winners meet the good guys,
The lovely men and ladies at MI5!
First stop, here's where we keep our file on
The murdered black kid's family that we spied on
Speaking of family
Mummy was an activist, yeah but who's the daddy?
They're gonna get ya
They'll never let ya
Project Petra
Looking for the next generation
Working for the Government
Spying on your parents
Come and join a new generation
Of little lie detectors
Be part of Project Petra
Next up, a special secret mission
Hands up, who's heard about rendition?
You can try it with a grown-up
Waterboard them til they own up